Good People Everywhere

30 Mar

Recently one of the neighborhoods near our school had a sad incident happen.  Luckily nobody was hurt but the community is still dealing with the issue. Many of our students were/are scared and worried about what had happened. I decided to read “Good People Everywhere” by Lynea Gillen and  is  Mom’s Choice Award recipient. I had the opportunity to talk with Lynea in a Taxi while at a Yoga Retreat. She offered me this book after I discussed with her some of the amazing things happening at Edmunds elementary. Lynea told me her professional story as well as the story of the book. Lynea wrote this book after 9/11 happened in NYC. Her students at the school that she was a school counselor for were very sad and viewing the world in a very negative way. They thought negative thoughts about other people and were forgetting about all the good in their lives. This book does exactly that! It reminds students of all the amazing people everyday in our lives. Whether it is the farmers who grow our food, the musciians who make us happy through song or the family members who are always there for us.
So far the students at Edmunds have really enjoyed this book as well as the activities she includes in the back of the book.

Good people everywhere book_



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