October Newsletter

09 Oct

Wondering what’s going on at Edmunds Elementary?

In Counseling we move into fall with safety! During the month of October we finish up our friendship section of counseling and move right into personal safety. With the cold weather coming in Iowa it is important for our students to know how to protect themselves and stay safe. Our 3rd-5th graders get a visit from YESS, the Youth Emergency Shelter and Services. Click to go to YESS website to learn more!

They teach our students about the safe place’s in their neighborhood which is Caseys, Quicktrips, Firestations, YMCA’s, Smokey Row, and many other places other than Edmunds that they can go to in order to reach YESS for help when they do not feel safe or their family needs help. K-2nd grade are also learning about personal safety. We watch a wonderful program called Safe Side Super Chick that explains how to be safe with different types of adults. There are “Don’t Know’s”, “Kinda-Knows” and “Safe Adults”. We discuss what’s okay to do with each of these different adults.

Here is a youtube clip that shows a sample of what our kids learn from safeside superchick.

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