Feburary at Edmunds Elementary

18 Feb

At lunch time with the counselor, we talked about treating one another nicely as friends even if we arent best friends. We talked about how since we were in the same school we were part of a team like when the big kids play on basketball and volleyball teams. We decided to make a chant and put our hands/milks together! Image

This goes right along with our unit. We are learning about bullying and bully prevention at Edmunds. We discuss what exactly bullying is. Bullying is when someone hurts someone emotionally or physically over and over again on purpose and when its one-sided (they have more power over that person).  We talk about how someone may be mean to us but its not bullying….yet. They are choosing to partake in bullying behavior.

Through all the grades we are discussing how bullying affects one another. What bullying looks like and how we can all prevent it. We discuss how it feels to be bullied and how we need to accept one another instead of make fun and pick on one another. In the upper grades we discuss what a bystander is and how we can respond when someone is taking part in bullying behaviors.

How to Promote Tolerance and Respect in Young Children

How to help your child be nonviolent:

1. Make your child feel special, safe, and loved. Don’t be sparing with words of praise. A loved child learns to love.

  2. Intervene when you hear or see intolerant behavior. Don’t be punitive — help your child learn healthier ways to interact with others.

   3. Use positive comments to shape and reinforce your child’s behavior. Avoid giving instruction using “no” (such as “Don’t do that”). Offering helpful alternatives (“Be gentle with your brother”) will be more productive.

    4. Model tolerance (accepting each other) and respect. Your child will learn to reach out and be sensitive and respectful of others by watching how you discuss, relate to, and value other people.

Bullying and bullying behavior is a serious issue, if you believe your student is being a bully or is being bullied please contact the school and talk with someone about this issue. Please do not tell your child to attack back or handle it on their own, let them know the school supports all our students and will help with the situation.

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