27 Sep

During counseling time Edmunds students are learning about how to be a good friend. Each grade has separate lessons but the entire school is learning how to be a good friend and the skills that go into being a friend. These skills are trust, cooperation, teamwork, not gossiping, sharing, being kind, being clear when talking, and doing the right thing. At Edmunds we are working hard on team work and each person doing their job in the friendship.

In first grade we read about a little fish named Swimmy………….


Here is the book we are reading! You can get this at your local library or online for cheap!The first graders learn that working together is better than being alone and by yourself. They learn that each person has a job to do and when each person does their job then everything works out best for the group.


Here is an example of our fish we colored and while we talked about the story we learned that whenever we saw a fish or saw a fish symbol we could think about teamwork and working together.  Normally we would have used all of our class fish and created a big fish which happens in the book, but we did not have time to do that.


In second grade, we worked in groups to create silly friendship monsters. Each student was given a particular part of the monster to make and together they created the monster with their groups.

Here are the finished products from our second graders!


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